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blog trouble on my website

 I recently learned that my blog entries on my website are not visible unless it is accessed through safari.  Explorer and Chrome are only showing 'Posh's Magnificent Seven' as the last entry.

Until I can get this problem corrected so that my web blog is seen on Internet Explorer and Chrome, i will be posting puppy updates here.

bye, bye LJ!

 Since my new website is finished on my Imac and it creates a blog, I will no longer post entries here on LJ.  I learned that since I do not use Mobil Me thru Apple to upload my website, the blog comments will not be available.  So, if anyone has something to say when reading a post on my blog or just to 'drop in' and say hello, you can always send me an email:>)

I hope to be more regular in posting on my new blog especially when I have a litter of pups on the ground.  I may even start blogging of days gone by with occasional stories of my days of competing in obedience, conducting seminars and just remembering wonderful times.  Winters living in the NW will force me inside more and what better way to while away the gloom and doom with fond memories!

I plan to go thru old videos of my dogs now that I discovered that Imovie can easily create movies off my old Hi 8 camcorder.  It will be good for my soul to 'visit' my days gone by with my dogs that have crossed the rainbow bridge.

Here is the link to my new blog   www.jandemellobordercollie.com/Hob_Nob_border_collies/Blog/Blog.html

It ain't all about making world team...

 Being a breeder of very successful border collies that compete in herding, obedience, agility and flyball, I get many requests from agility competitors wanting one specifically with the high hopes of making world team in agility competitions.

While I certainly take great pride in the HN dogs that have been on the USA world team that competed at the FCI agility world championships, I get just as much of a lump in my throat when I get emails from EVERY HN owner who have a great amount of pride in their dogs regardless of titles, status or not! 

With the popularity of border collies in agility and specifically to handlers who strive for higher goals, it stands to reason that with the success of HN border collies in agility comes forth very successful handlers seeking a HN dog to help achieve their high standards.   I have nothing against this.  

With that said, I can say with all honesty that I get sad when visions of making WT override a person's perspective overall in the agility sport.

Whenever I get to an agility trial to spectate and cheer on friends, I often hear comments on someone's performance as to whether the dog is WT caliber.  Why do some people feel the need to judge every agility team as to whether they are WT material or not?  Let's face it, WC comes but once a year and only few can be on the team.  Many, many handlers do not set WT as one of their goals!  I know many wonderful teams that are definitely WT caliber who have no desire to strive for this goal.  I often see teams that would be deemed mediocre by some elite competitors as you walk by and hear their comments.  I must say that these types have lost sight of what agility, or any dog sport, should  be about!  I get such a kick out of watching teams that are truly enjoying each other on course.  So what if their contacts are a bit creepy, their turns a bit wide...if dog and handler are smiling and enjoying the run, why should anyone judge them as not being WT caliber?  Why would it matter to them?  

Some of these competitors seem to have lost sight of the game...that each handler has their own criteria.  

Don't get me wrong, there are many wonderful handlers who have made, or strive to make, WT and being a top competitor in several dog sports myself, I admire and appreciate the technical training that is required to make the top.  But some do go overboard by overanalyzing over critiquing and overtraining adnauseum! 

Maybe I am getting softer and more sentimental as I age but heck, enjoy the ride regardless of where it takes you!



Puppies and the web cam

 Well, now that all the Swirl/Scheme puppies have gone to their new homes, I have more time for other things:>)

This was the first time I set up a livestream webcam for people to watch the puppies grow and such.  While I got many, many wonderful feedback how much the prospective new owners loved the webcam, I'm not so sure I will use it again.  One reason being is that some people on the Swirl puppy list were already deciding which puppy they wanted which is not a good thing as to how I do my puppy picking process.

I know that I will keep it password protected for the birth as too many whacky people come on the chat during this time.  I will only allow HN family and people on my puppy list to have access to the password in order to be able to participate in the chat.  Even without knowing the password, anyone can watch the live cam.   Once the puppies are born, then I will remove the password option.

Swirl was a great first time mom and easy whelper thank goodness!  Two of the puppies Seek and Cullin went to live in New Jersey, Trumpet went to live with his cousin Dexter in DC, Thunder went to live with his first time bc owner in NV while Bluebell stayed local here to live in Seattle with her 1/2 sister Ten.

Even though the webcam is now off the air, anyone can still view the recorded videos by clicking on this channel

Journey's first time on the sheep!

and only a mere 8 weeks old!!!! Simply amazingly wonderful!!!

Trend does the Dixie Chicks!

Journey's sister Trend's first time herding the hens at 8 weeks old!

I think not!!!

Here is Journey

now his litter sister Trend

God and Dog

could it be said any better...I think not! Beautiful...just BEAUTIFUL!

Journey's first herding experience...

Just another reason why I just ADORE THIS PUPPY!

Swirlin' around Hob Nob farm...

...as Swirl delivered her 6 gorgeous babies sired by Scheme (or Mr. Scheme-ski) on Friday, August 7. Puppies came a lot sooner than I had anticipated. She was due on Saturday as this would be 63 days from ovulation. Swirl's temp had dropped to 98.6 Friday morning and past experience with my other litters would indicate that Swirl would have her puppies Friday night/early Saturday morning.

With inspiration from cpagility and her multiple puppy cams, I decided to give the puppy cam a try for this litter. So, as I sat at my IMac in the dog room viewing the puppy cam while talking to a client on the phone, I noticed that Swirl was not in the whelping box and out of sight. I proceeded to go into the whelping room to see where she was and to my utter shock I see a blue merle puppy on the daybed! Swirl did a quick jump into the whelping box as she saw me. A quick inspection of the puppy and all was fine...WHEW!

No sooner do I finish my inspection of the first puppy, Swirl delivers another blue merle pup in the whelping box this time a boy.

In a matter of 2 hours, Swirl delivered 7 puppies VERY easily! Sad to say the 4th born had a cleft palate and was put to sleep.

It couldn't have happened any better with Swirl easily delivering all her puppies at such a decent hour of the day starting at 12:55 pm with the final puppy delivered at 3:04 pm...THANK YOU SWIRLIE GIRLIE!

Swirl is being a most wonderful first time mom as her puppies continue to gain 1 to 2 ounces daily.

Anyone interested can view the live puppy cam by clicking on this link 


Individual puppy pictures can be viewed on their webpage by clicking on this link: